Chris Jones

Personal Trainer

Chris Jones - Bio

B.S./Certified Personal Trainer

With his passion for physical fitness, Chris derives his greatest satisfaction first from figuring out the most effective way to communicate his experience and extensive knowledge of the field to his clients and ultimately assisting them in reaching their goals and objectives.

Chris started training full time immediately after attaining an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from M.T.S.U in his home state of Tennessee. He was fortunate to work at an exclusive facility in Nashville under the guidance of two Ph.D. level Exercise Physiologists. Along with developing a solid foundation in the field of physical fitness and training, his experience included working with the governor of Tennessee, music industry executives and amateur athletes.

After moving West, Chris found the perfect combination—more sunshine to enjoy his love of outdoor activities and a secure place in the highly competitive environment of Personal Training. After more than a dozen years on the West Coast, Chris continues to hone his training skills and techniques. He has been fortunate to work with clients of all types and ages, attend multiple educational events and grow as an athlete in his own right as a competitive cyclist. He often applies the theories and techniques learned in his own training in order to better serve his clientele. 

Chris is amazed at the abilities of the human body. He desires most to further his understanding of its physiology and better his ways of helping others understand their true potential.